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Eng 204 March 2 2012

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ENG 204
Alison Muri

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Eng 204 March 2 2012 1 No Natural Religion – continued − The bounded is loather by its possessor. The same dull round even of a univer[s]e, would soon become a mill with complicated wheels − we're bound to know very limited possibilities − if the many become the same as the few, when possessed, more! More! Is the cry of a mistaken soul, less than all cannot satisfy man − the vacant soul would want more and more knowledge − if any could desire what he is incapable of possessing, despair must be his internal lot − he is chained to the earth, pushing his head in anguish − he only has available what is around him − the desire of man being infinite the possession is infinite and himself infinite − openness, freedom − we have imagination, souls, spirituality → we ourselves are infinite − application: he who sees the infinite in all things sees God. He who sees the ration only sees the ratio sees himself only − he who looks past the physical attributes of an item can see God − conclusion: if it were not for the Poetic and prophetic character, the philosophic and experimental would soon be at the ration of all things, and stand still, unable to do other than repeated the same dull round over again − you need both − you need to be able to take a different perspective in order to more forward − Fibonacci sequence “golden mean” “golden ratio” − therefore god becomes as we are so we may be as he is − divinity − the letters appear to be “bursting” into life Blake − created a new way of printing − connected the poet and printer − without his
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