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ENG 204
Alison Muri

Eng 204 March 21 2012 1 The Shift in Conception of “Books” and “Readers” – Books: “literature” or political/religious tracts until mid 19 century – Radway: “discrete events initiated by authors” th – 19 century: explosion in number of publishers/printers who “entered the business with the sole purpose of turning a profit” [Radway] – To ensure profits, publishers realized the importance of repetitive formulas that “worked” – Dickens serialized and instalment publications had proved that “large and diverse audiences .. could be persuaded to buy... the regularly issued fictional offerings of a single firm” [Radway] – ”Category literature”: formulaic consistent appeal to a regular audience [Radway] – one of the first examples of category literature i the mystery story [early 1930s starting with penguin] – the mystery story itself worked because an audience was already in place for it because of magazines like Black mask, Dime Detective, Detective story, Detective fiction – Allen Lane [founder of Penguin]: – “What was the best possible that we could turn out for sixpence? We decided it as time to end the almost customary half-hearted manner in which cheap editions were produced – as though the only people who could possibly want cheap editions must belong to a lower order of intelligence.” – Albatross/Penguin – cheap quality Literature – 1935: John Lane started Penguin in London – within a year they sold 1 million books – Pocket books: 1939, first pocket sized mass marketed paper back books – ‘‘I am happy to associate myself in this way with a group of publishers who have pioneered in democratizing the creation and distribution of good books inAmerica.All of them believe in making good books conveniently and widely available by exacting editorial and production
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