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University of Saskatchewan
ENG 204
Alison Muri

“Did you ever hear anyone say, 'That work had better be banned because I might read it, and it might be very damaging to me?'” -J.H. Jackson, in the San Francisco Chronicle Pritchard, Jimmy. The New York city Bartender's Joke Book. − 2004 a library patron complained to the Saskatoon Public Library about a book – length collection of jokes that the author had heard while working in bars. − Cause of objection – The complainant said that the jokes were in poor taste and promoted negative attitudes toward women and ethic minorities. − Update – the library challenged materials committee later agreed that the book was “racist, sexist, and deeming to women and citizens of many countries”. The book also failed to meet the library's collection development standards. The committee withdrew the book from circulation. Deschamps, Yvon. Tout Deschamps. − 1998 –After Deschamps, Quebec's top francophone storyteller, and black comic Normad Brathwaite read excerpts from this boo into a cassette, a unilingual anglophone complained about a 29-year-old piece entitled “Nigger Black”. The complainant didn't understand that the piece was an anti-racists. Nonetheless, the complaint was published in Montreal's Gazette, which ran a front-page attack on the alleged slur by Deschamps − update – to offset further controversy, stores across Quebec stopped selling the cassette two days later Allen, Kate. Takes One to Know One:AnAlison Kaine mystery − 2000 – a patron of the Toronto Public Library complained about this murder mystery with a lesbian theme. − Cause of objection -- “Filthy language,” “casual use of the 'f' word and a graphic depiction of sex − update – one copy remains in the library's collection. Block, Francesco Lia. Baby Be-Bop. − 1998 – One of two titles removed from a high school library in Calgary by the director of education who was pressured by a
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