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University of Saskatchewan
ENG 204
Alison Muri

English 204 1 October 31st 2011 Social Mechanisms of Medieval Book Production Incipit: here begins, the first paragraph, the beginning, the opening words of a medieval manuscript Books be buy and read today have a different meaning than in the past, not spiritually Anathema: a ban or curse solemny pronounced by ecclesiastical authority and accompanied by excommunication. Used in medieval manuscripts to protect the rights of the manuscript Cautions: “Medieval Books” were produced: - Over a wide geographical range - Over a time span of more than ten century’s - As many different types of documents - In many different languages CA 450 First English speaking people arrive in Britain 1066 Norman Conquest CA 1476 Caxton sets up the first printing press in England English 204 2 October 31st 2011 Types of Documents Devotional works: sermons, guides to meditation, penitential manuals, rule books, psalters (song books), missals, bibles .. ect Scientific and philosophical treaties Legal texts Historic: chronicles Literary works Palimpsest: writing materials used one or more times after earlier writing had been erased They did this mainly when a manuscript contained writing that went agains the dominate religion Languages: Latin: theology, law, science, philosophy, history French: literature, history, devotional text English: literature, history, devotional text History th - Before 12 century, scribes were almost always monks - After this a class of professional scribes were hired - Height of monastic manuscripts was 10 -14 century in England a
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