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ENG 204 Lecture Notes - Caesura, Prefix, Walter J. Ong

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ENG 204
Alison Muri

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English 204
October 3rd 2011
Beowulf: From Oral Narrative to Written Poetry
6th Century AD the story’s setting
8th Century AD the epic was composed
End of 10th or early 11thCentury AD the epic was written down by two scribes on the
manuscript that survives today
Scop: story teller. An Old English bard or poet.
In 1731 the manuscript survived a fire in the British Library Colton MS Vitellius A. XV. F. 132
- Colton was one of the first collectors of Old English Books
- He ran into the fire and through the book out the window
Vitellius: Roman Empire on Colton’s shelf
A. X.V = 1th book on his shelf
Southwick Codex: the first of the two main Old English codices contained in Colton Vitelliis, it
- Solioquies of St. Augustine
- Gospel of Nicodemus fragment
- Debate of Solomn and Saturn
- St. Quintin Homily fragment
The Nowell Codex: the second of the two main codices in Colton Vitellius, it includes:
- Life of St. Christopher
- Wonders of the East
- Alexander’s letter to Aristotle
- Beowulf
- Judith
Why are they organized this way?
Because of the way manual scripts were produced in manual script culture
If you liked a particular work you would get your scribe to copy it
You have fragments based on what you could copy at a time
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