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ENG 204
Alison Muri

English 204 1 October 3rd 2011 Beowulf: From Oral Narrative to Written Poetry th 6 Century AD – the story’s setting th 8 Century AD – the epic was composed End of 10 or early 11 Century AD – the epic was written down by two scribes on the manuscript that survives today Scop: story teller. An Old English bard or poet. In 1731 the manuscript survived a fire in the British Library Colton MS Vitellius A. XV. F. 132 - Colton was one of the first collectors of Old English Books - He ran into the fire and through the book out the window Vitellius: Roman Empire on Colton’s shelf A. X.V = 1th book on his shelf Southwick Codex: the first of the two main Old English codices contained in Colton Vitelliis, it includes: - Solioquies of St. Augustine - Gospel of Nicodemus fragment - Debate of Solomn and Saturn - St. Quintin Homily fragment The Nowell Codex: the second of the two main codices in Colton Vitellius, it includes: - Life of St. Christopher - Wonders of the East - Alexander’s letter to Aristotle - Beowulf - Judith Why are they organized this way?  Because of the way manual scripts were produced in manual script culture  If you liked a pa
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