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ENG 204
Alison Muri

English 204 1 September 12th The Shape of the Book Codex: manuscript volume (especially an ancient one) from L. Codex. - Earlier caudex “book, book of laws,” literally “tree trunk,” hench, wooden tablet for writing Book: from the Old English bōc, “a written document” or “beech” Volume: c. 1380, “roll of parchment containing writing, large book” - From O.Fr. volume, from L. volume (gen. voluminis) “roll (as of a manuscript), coil, wreath,” from volvere “to turn around, roll” Library: from L. word for book, liber - Liber originally meant “bark” (smooth inner bark of a tree, used for writing by early Romans) Tablet: - Erasable - Permanent, in a way - Portable - Readily available Pictographs 2900 BC - Picture writing - About 2,000 signs - Pictures aren’t very standard Syllabic Signs (about 600 signs) Runes Papyrus: - not easily accessible - it is a plant - biodegradable Technological determinism: everything we do is determined by the technology available to us Torah: scroll made from kosher animal parchment. Or the text of the Five
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