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ENG 204
Alison Muri

English 204 1 November 14th 2011 MS Harley 978 - Not sure which was first - Black ink is the reverdine - Red ink is the sacred - Secular and sacred text side by side - Cuccu  cuckold  cheating wife who tricks husband into raising someone else’s baby - Goliardic: of or pertaining to the (poetry of the) golairds - Contrafactum: the practice of borrowing a song from one sphere and making it suitable for use in another by substitution of words known as a “parody” or “contrafactum” - How you figure out which was first can be difficult, it can go either way Secular  sacred or Sacred  Secular - The sacred was likely the second, it doesn’t fit as well Courtly love  A formal and conventional system of love represented throughout medical tales and verses  Doctrine of heterosexual love  Elaborate system of manners  Concerned with relations of aristocratic lovers  Troubadours  credited with establishing the conventions of courtly love in Provencal (Southern France)  Idealized physical love would have both spiritual and erotic love MS Harley 2253  Written in the 1340’s  Single largest collection of medieval lyrics  Value of vernacular vs. church vs. law makers  Rubric: separation of text/paragraph  Lyrics in the vernacular th o British Museum Harley 2253, or the Harley MS (early 14 cent): “Alisoun” English 204 2 November 14th 2011 o Probably the best MS anthology of Mid English Lyrical poems containing some of the only remaining Mid Engli
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