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University of Saskatchewan
GEOG 130
Paul Hackett

Geography 130 intro 06/09/2012 10:31:00 AM Space, Place, and Society [email protected] office hours 130-3 Tuesdays or by appointment TA John Acharibasam Hand in box: number 1 in Kirk hall Course goals  Familiarize students with human geographic concepts and perspectives  To foster an ability to critically evaluate local regional and global patterns and events through a geographic lens  To prepare students for upper level study in geography Value of geography education  Exposure to information  Data collection and analysis  Develop sense of importance of space and place, the geographical imagination Course text  text book and lab manual Evaluation  Assignments o 4, 10% each o sept 21, o oct 12 o nov 2 o nov 30  midterm 15% October 18 in class o to measure where we are more than a test o all multiple choice  Final 45% Hand in boxes in kirk hall first floor, box #2 for last name M-Z Hand in by 4pm on due date  If late hand in to Paul  Include information and read instructions carefully o Name, student number, etc. What is where, why is it there, and why do we care  Charles Gritzner 2002 3 themes
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