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History 152 Post Confederation 1 June 10 2009 Scandals, Tories and Grits: Canadian Federal Politics, 1867-1911 1. The Métis resistance - The Métis, the sons and daughters of male French/English fur traders and Aboriginal woman 1) Homosexuality 2) Aboriginal Girlfriend/Marry an Aboriginal woman -Made it easier for trade between the white man and the aboriginal elders - in The Red River Settlement (Winnipeg) there a thousands of Métis - the Canadian government bought the land from HBC in 1869 - didn’t take possession of the land until 1870 - in the mean time: - Canadian government sent servers to The Red River Settlement - The Métis provincial council is created, the Métis are the government in control - the most promote member of the council is Louis Riel - the Canadian government does not want to talk - The Americans are lurking about, they want the land - Montana passes a act saying they want Manitoba - in 1869 there is no transportation - Métis got them over the barrel, they settle and negotiate - The conditions are…. 1) Manitoba enters Canada as a province 2) Province of Manitoba will have two official languages French and English 3) There would be Catholic and Protestant schools 4) The Métis will get to keep their land - Canadian government sends the army in - no intention on letting the Métis keeping their land - Army landed in The Red River Settlement - acted as an army of occupation - Métis were attacked, harassed - Louis Riel fled - Métis didn’t get their land - The Métis leave Red River Settlement - Settled in Saskatchewan, Alberta John A. Macdonald Wilfrid Laurier Gabriel Dumont History 152 Post Confederation 2 June 10 2009 - the Métis scatter - in 1885 The Rebellion happens -Moved out far west, reestablished themselves - They get their land gets divided up again - Gabriel Dumont goes and gets Louis Riel to lead the resistance again - Métis followed the same track - Canadian government didn’t respond - Crucial difference, there is a railway - Canadian government sent 3000 troops out west - First gatlen gun “Noise Maker” - Metis realistically had no change - Ran out of ammunition - Ended in three days - Gabriel Dumont and Louis Riel were faced with a choice… Flee or stay - Dumont wants Riel to come with him - Riel allows himself to be captured - Messionic complex - by 1885 most people agreed that Riel had 1) Gone nuts 2) Had the occasional episode - He had a vision of the west, it is a lot like Canada is now - at his trial, Louis Riel, the Catholic church sent over the very best defense lawyers in Canada to defend Riel - Becomes an English French overtone - No longer Métis vs. English - Defense Lawyer says I can get you off because you are insane - Riel refused to enter the flee of insanity - Jury finds him guilty but recommends the Judge is easy - life in prison vs. hanging - Judge over rules it, he gets hanged - Crime: Treason - only punishment is death - remains a highly contentions issue in Canadian history to this day - Is he a hero, is he a traitor, is a issue to this day 2. Canadian Politics, 1867-96 - John A Macdonald 1867-1873, 1878-1891 - first prime mister, one of the longest serving - one of the greatest politicians - lends a vision to the earliest vision of Canada - However; he was corrupt and a alcoholic - Macdonald wins the first election John A. Macdonald Wilfrid Laurier Gabriel Dumont History 152 Post Confederation 3 June 10 2009 - one of the primary forces behind confederation to begin with - unique talent for bridging political divides - could bring groups together - ex) French and English - his vision to have a Canada that goes from one ocean to another - pushed for buying Rupert’s land - brought it BC - Negotiated with the Métis - he was in charge of the railway - only way the country could go from ocean to ocean - TransCanada railway - across the prairies was really easy - Northern Ontario and BC - governments do not build railways, private companies build railways th - government offered 1/5 of all the land and a monopoly and 20 million dollars - two groups say they will build it - government says they will go with the group from Montreal Pacific Scandal - Montreal group was bribing Macdonald with large amounts of money (literally hundreds of thousands of dollars) - part of the Montreal group was from the United States - being bribed my Americans is political suicide - the liberals discover this and get proof, they leak it to the press and it ends up all over the newspapers - This is called the Pacific Scandal - Macdonald is replaced by Alexander Mackenzie who is a liberal - Alexander Mackenzie is EVERYTHING Macdonald is not - Ethical – corrupt
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