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HIST 152
Jason Zorbas

History 152 Post Confederation 1 June 18, 2009 Struggle against the Axis: Canada and the Second World War Almost no body wants to fight I. Origins of the War - Almost no body wants to fight - Direct continuation of WWI - WWI did not solve the fundamental question of what caused WWI - what do you do with a united Germany - Tried to keep Germany permanently weak so it could never be a threat - Sanctions - Limit the army - Become friends with the country [what they did] - Attempt to keep Germany weak fails miserably - Economic sanctions that the allies appose on German reek hell in Germany - Germany looked for a leader who was strong - Hitler came along at the exact right time - Hitler was democratically elected - Hitler sized power as soon as he won - Hitler is deeply influences by the idea of Social Darwinism * See Japanese interments* - Social Darwinism - Natural selection, survival of the fittest - Application of natural selects connected to society, specifically to race - Lack of resources – no time to develop culture - To many resources – to lazy to develop culture - Just enough resources – have to struggle but still develop culture - If there is only a little bit of resources they should go to the race that can do the most of them, Germany - If the Germans are the only ones who can make proper use of the resources, they have the duty to control the resources, control the world - They will be able to enhance humanity *Prevalent in Canada as well* - Leads Hitler to decided that Germany needs more living space - Before the war actually happens Germany is in a period of growth ^-^ Blond hair blue eyes ---- the perfect German I made the royal bank mad a tims, tims wouldn’t accept my $20 one day and the bank phoned them freaking out because legally they should have…. They stopped going to Timmies. haha History 152 Post Confederation 2 June 18, 2009 - The idea becomes that not only is Germany at the top of the heap, but they needed to purify the race - Kill the undesirables - Deviances - Sexual orientation - Jew - the Jews killed Christ, Christ himself was a Jew - Jew’s don’t conform to society around them - Handicapped - If you are going to kill people, why not make money off it -- Hench death camps - application of modern technology to the mass Slater of people - Kept track of exactly how much money they made off each person, right down to selling your hair//teeth after death - IBM technology created the technology - Millions of Europeans took this opportunity to get rid of people they did not like - for ever act of resistance (heroism) there was an act of appliance - Everyone knew what was happening - Canadian army starts off really small, grows to hundreds of thousands of man - Canadian soldiers are involved in helping to liberate Italy - Canadians soldiers are heavily involved in the D day invasions (Northern France 1944) - Canadian army is instrumental in liberating Holland in 1945 - To this day there is a strong connection between the Dutch and the Canadians - Canadians armed themselves really well, yet again -1942 Dieppe, the Canadian is the principal force involved in a raid on the French coast - Goes horribly horribly wrong, over half are either killed or captured by the Germans, less than half make it back to England - Was the raid worth it? Huge debate to this day - Dieppe was a disaster, but it allowed Canadians to learn things that they used in 1944 II.Canadian Armed Forces - The Royal Canadian Navy escorts merchant vessels to England throughout the war - Germanys used submarines – unrestricted submarine warfare - Wanted to stop supplies from coming into England, Germany ^-^ Blond hair blue eyes ---- the perfect German I made the royal bank mad a tims, tims wouldn’t accept my $20 one day and the bank phoned them freaking out because legally they should have…. They stopped going to Timmies. haha History 152 Post Confederation 3 June 18, 2009 wanted to stave England - WWII last from 1939-1945 - The Americans do not enter the war until 1941, December 7th - Canada places a pivotal war keeping England’s supply alive - When America enters Canada plays a big role in fighting German submarines - a real deadly battle of cat and mouse - not until the invention of sonar did that allies have an advantage - WWII was the first time since 1812 that Canadians were killed in their own water - in the end new technology (sonar, depth charges, and long range air craft) - End of the war, Canada is the 3 largest navy in the entire world Air force - Canada also fought in the air - By WWII they now had planes that could fly fast and far - Bombers who could carry bombs in the their planes - Up until WWII military theorist argued that Ari Power will determine the next war - The ability the bomb your opponents cities will allow you to knock out your opponent without actually having to fight him - Air technology is crucial - Germans over run France and look to invade England - However they run into a problem - England is across water
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