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HIST 152
Jason Zorbas

History 152 Canadian Post-Confederation June 8, 2009 Essay and essay proposal Key things about the essay 1. Argumentative, not descriptive not a compare and contrast Not a pro and con 2. Topic  Argument - History related - Happen in Canada or be Canada related - After 1867 3. Write about something you already know, and you are already interested in Reasons: 1) In Three weeks it is really hard to find information 2) You will be more willing to research if it is something of your interest 4. Sources Primary Secondary 5. Rules for internet 1) Direct reproduction 2) Primary Sources 6. Use the default settings, do not change the settings to make your paper appear longer 7. you need a title page, needs to be more creative than essay, major paper, essay number one 8. in this class a picture wont effect your paper, but in some it will 9. no due tangs 10. need a works cited page, NOT a bibliography 11
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