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University of Saskatchewan
HIST 260
Selena Crosson

HIST 260 2011-01-25 INTERWAR FEMINISMS - Formal powers of women were limited - We’ve come out of WWI with paternal feminism - Women try to sustain this idea of motherhood o With the Depression, there is more of an emphasis on women working at home o Modernization brings in more women as consumers - Women are being pushed to downplay their role as producers o Forced to make due - Women’s associations remain strong, and even grow. - International feminism o National focus on women getting the vote o National focus on the persons’ case o National focus shifts to women’s rights o Women are organizing worldwide, even with enemy countries, in an attempt to stop the war Agrarian Feminists - A new, business-oriented farming image emerged - New image included farmer’s wives - Abolition of party politics?! - Communism isn’t completely discredited yet - CCF o Today’s NDP o Women were involved in communism - Duplessis was allowed to imprison wome that he suspected were communists Therese Casgrain - Leads three elections against Duplessis - Hosted popular radio show Madeleine Parent-Québec Labour Leader - Becomes union leader - Helps establish leaders When it came to crimes: - Women were often charged with sexual offences - Men were often charged with property crimes Divorce, Custody and D
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