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HIST 260
Selena Crosson

HIST 260 2011-03-01 Red Scare - Communist paranoia exists - Purges, self-censorship in labour, leftists, eg. CCF, gays Spies, and subversives everywhere, “loyalty?” - Politicization of the personal (books, films, public spaces) - By 1955, thousands are serving in Korea. Politicizing the Sexual - Ottawa harassed suspected radicals, homosexuals, organizations. - Gays were considered security risks. - Female homosexuals were not considered a security risk as much as men CIA Drug and Brainwashing Experiments - Canada is becoming increasingly under control of the United States - This activity during the 50s is part of rising consciousness that perhaps these authorities can’t be trusted. o As the decade progresses, women start to lose their trust. - Thalidomide o Given to women o Leads to birth defects Politics: Ellen Fairclough - Gladys Strum was the only female MP from 1945-49 o CCF - Fairclough was Conservative (1950-53) - In 1957, she was the minister of the following departments: o 1957 – Minister of State o 1958 – Citizenship and Immigration o 1962-63 – Postmaster General Gendered Spaces: Cities and Suburbs - Homes in the suburbs were popular (1954 CMHC) - Suburban life isolated/negative for some - In urban
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