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University of Saskatchewan
HIST 260
Selena Crosson

HIST 260 2011-03-08 Baby boomers, Canada & women come of age - Baby boomers reach adulthood – university boom - Most affluent and well educated group Canada has ever had - American mass culture overcomes British colonial attachment - Reject hyphenated ethnic citizenship of Canada - Immigration becomes entwined with nationalism o Large influx of immigrants  Italians, Hungarians  More and more diversity in Canada  A sense to create a new nation becomes alive o From the 60s to ’82, part of the culture was creating a new Canada  The new Canadian flag was part of the deal Culture of protest - MANY opposed American influences/Canada’s complicity - Draft dodgers/resisters intensified protest - An anti-nuclear, peace movement formed - Women began to see themselves as an oppressed group - U.S. was wanting to re-establish its empire after the war o Proxy wars  Korea and then Vietnam  In Vietnam, draft dodgers come to Canada  General sympathy with anti-war activities Rights Discourse - Women are not supposed to be assimilated because of their sex Asian-Canadian women - People were less inclined to accept Asians Black Women - By `62, racial discrimination is eliminated. - Rose
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