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HIST 260
Selena Crosson

HIST 260 2011-03-10 Second-wave Feminism in Canada, continued - Child care should be a shared responsibility, presumably heterosexual ones. - Child care was considered to be state intrusion and communism o It was argued that child care would be required in order for women to return to the workforce o All men and women will have equal opportunities in capitalism  Women are starting from a disadvantageous position? Canadian Advisory Council on the Status of Women (CACSW) - Established in 73 by the Government of Canada on the recommendation of the Royal Commission on the Status of Women. It was dismantled in 1995. Workplace Rights - Career choices were limited - Service sector employed 70% of women - We see some legislative changes around income tax o Women can deduct the cost of child care from their incomes - Idea of sexual harassment becomes quite contentious - A lot of industries that were previously closed to women started to open up, including the RCMP - We also saw the first female head of a university Poverty Issues - During the 60s and 70s, there are still a lot of women with families that are affected - Divorce rates are starting to rise, and women are not doing well in court Women vs. property rights - In society, common law couples were becoming more common - School boards would actually fire people if they were living common law Reproductive rights
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