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HIST 260
Selena Crosson

HIST 260 2011-03-15 Who is “Aboriginal,” after all? - “Indian” is a term used by the government to describe a person who has status under the Indian Act. - To become enfranchised as a Canadian citizen, means to become disenfranchised as an Aboriginal o It was in the interest of the government to enfranchise as many people as possible  Disenfranchised are a cost issue  Enfranchised aren’t o For native women, citizenship followed their husband’s or father’s citizenship o When native women married non-status men, they lost their status - Children of unknown parents were assumed to be non-aboriginal o Up until recently, they were enfranchised automatically The Disappearing Indian? - The assumption was that there was a problem of overrepresentation? - It was assumed that native peoples would die off as a race? Indian Act - Built into the Indian Act was sex discrimination - Act was essentially sexist Gendered Indian Act - Aboriginal women are able to vote on reserves and hold office - In 1960, aboriginal people get the vote without having to enfranchise Economic/Political Disparity - Egalitarian rhetoric hid structural inequalities – Vertical mosaic; Canadian society was stratified - Native peoples endured desperate conditions; poverty, violence, incarceration at high rates - During this time, we see women organize o Much more at the local level o National organizations are heavily male-dominated o Organizing around specific problems, such as sexual abuse, employmen
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