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HIST 260
Selena Crosson

HIST 260 2011-03-24 70s-2000 in from the Margins - Immigration increased in the 80s, particularly with people with colour! - We also see French Canadians, Aboriginals, gays, lesbians, disabled, immigrants and women demanding rights during this time period. o Several groups are coming in from the margins. - Conclusion o Women did not achieve full parity in terms of power - Many men began to feel attached - Provincial rights could be overwritten Fighting for Inclusion in the Charter - Women saw this as particularly important opportunity to make their voices heard in Canada. - In 1952, women in Manitoba were finally allowed to serve on juries. - Mary Eberts had studied constitutional law at Harvard o Women have approached things more from the basis of grassroots organizing. - Women in the 80s were moving into the centres of power o Were well-equipped with the tools of a law education Charter of Rights and Freedoms, 1982 - Canadian women were victorious in having equal rights enshrined in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms o Section 28 is a critical piece of legislation o Women’s groups became very alarmed because of the notwithstanding c
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