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University of Saskatchewan
HIST 260
Selena Crosson

HIST 260 2011-02-01 WOMEN AND THE PEACE MOVEMENT - The interwar peace movement was split by the war as a few became committed pacifists but most supported a “just war.” - Women still worked in the churches - There was a strong belief that women would be working temporarily and that the jobs would be returned to men after the war. - During this period, the civil service federally, expands. HOMEFRONT: ABORIGINAL WOMEN - Women are left looking after things. - Aboriginal men did not receive the same amount of benefits as their white counterparts. QUEBEC WOMEN WIN PROVINCIAL VOTE (1940) - Quebec’s first MLA wasn’t elected until 1961. THE BUSINESS OF WAR - Industry developed mostly in central Canada - Regional disparity was intensified - East coast was disadvantaged - North opened to settlement and industry for the first time - Women were going into non-traditional jobs and were good at it, apparently WOMEN’S LABOUR IN CANADA’S WAR - Bonds were encouraged. - It became trendy for women to
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