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Lecture 12

INDG 265 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: La Ronge, Saskenergy, Sasktel

Indigenous Studies
Course Code
INDG 265
Beatty Bonita

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INDG 265.3
February 22, 2016
Capitalism and Modernism
All society is always undergoing modernization with different experiences at various levels.
**F/U** Newhouse suggests Aboriginal Peoples took capitalism (individualist, profit oriented)
and adapted it to their own cultural views and ways (which are collective oriented). He describes
it as "capitalism with a red face" - do you agree or not? Explain.
Bonita's Discussion Points
-Long term framework agreements between Lac La Ronge Indian Band and Camaco favours
local northern business.
-Laundry, catering, and other services to the mining company has been set up by these bands
for economic development.
-When bands get into these bigger agreements with industries, they accommodate their local
community entrepreneurs. There is also usually a clause that refers to a training and
development program for employment purposes.
-In the current political economy, no matter where you are in the world, modernization is a way
of life. The Internet, communication systems, etc. has made the market global.
-Even if a business is operating in a small community, they still pay extra costs if the economy
falls (ex: oil prices fall/rise).
-There are all kinds of pressures that exist along with being part of the "marketplace."
-Adapting systems to modern world by taking individualist, profit oriented capitalism and
adapting it to their own cultural views, they have been able to use this blended idea to create
profit and solidify their place in the market.
-For community development, businesses generating profit are necessary.
Paci, Villebrun 2005 Dene Perspective on Mining
Dene perspectives range from greater involvement in Dene mine development, to a greater
share in resource royalties and other benefits and some preservationists of both lands and
cultures resist mining.
Mining has significant impacts on land and social environments and the general view is that
Dene support sustainable mining as a way of creating a good life for everyone. (Paci 72)
Bonita's Discussion Points
-Balancing interests and being a good diplomat is necessary for economic development. These
political skills are determining factors to success.
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