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PHIL 224
George Williamson

Phth 224 October 17 2012 1 Housekeeping: ch. 17 in text perversion: − to deviate from what is natural − to deviate from a purpose − bound up with what is natural, what is natural is bound up by the purpose it fulfils Nagel’s Model of Complete Sexual Interaction − Nagel: "Sex ... involves a desire that one's partner be aroused by recognition of one's desire that he or she be aroused.." (15) − focuses on the human capacity for mutual recognition and mutual desire, and the capacity to experience our bodies through others perception − true right down to early infancy − they develop cognitive skills at different points − join attention or theory of mind − theory of mind: a tendency to interrupt the world with the idea that some of the other beings have internal states (which affect how they behave and such) − we can have similar states of mind in which we're recognizing each others internal context − Model for Sexual Interaction: ‘reflexive mutual recognition’ − stages of development of ‘sensing’ (sexual perception) in the ‘Romeo and Juliet’ story Helpful distinction: − reflexive; turning something back on oneself − the means of your perception becomes the odds of it two senses of embodiment, living in one's body  you become aware of your body 1. in self-recognition of one's own arousal (at others presence)  you become aware of your body 2. as the object of another's arousal  you get the sense of your body as being desired two senses of arousal 1. arousal at another's body (non-reflexive) 2. arousal at
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