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PHIL 224
George Williamson

Phil 224 October 22 2012 1 Romeo and Juliet story − human beings have the capacity to look at others desires for us − it's an ideal Nagel on Perversion Nagel’s Analysis of Perversions Various deviations constitute truncated or incomplete versions of the complete configuration - reflexive mutual recognition -- a failure to recognize the pattern 1. Narcissistic - practices and intercourse with animals, infants, and inanimate objects  present obstacles to reciprocity  bestiality: they cannot recognize what is going on  children: difference in abilities to grasp the other persons mind  inanimate objects: shoe fetish ... ect  2 ndstage in romeo and Juliet thing 2. Sadism - active engagement requires a retention of deliberate control  impedes awareness of himself as a bodily subject  you're in control for the masochist individual – as a result it is difficult for you to have appreciation of your own needs  excessive preoccupation with sexual technique does not permit one to abandon the role of agent  2 ndstage in Romeo and Juliet thing  the psychological sadist (wants to inflect pain on someone) and the sexual sadist (wants to inflect pain on someone sexually) get mixed up a lot. 3. Masochism - cannot find a satisfactory embodiment as the object of another persons sexual desire, only as the object of his control – unable to experience themselves in a relation of mutual desire  the subjection to one's body characteristic of pain and physical restraint very different kind from that of sexual excitement Both have to do with the second stage  awareness of oneself as an object of desire 4. Three(+/-)somes - may be inevitable degenerate into mutual epidermal stimulation  tendency toward voyeurism and exhibitionism  mutuality implies there is two people, you can be mutual with one or the other but not both (Nagel) Overall Point:-  concept of perversion can hardly fail to be evaluative in some sense Pndl 224 October 22 2012
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