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PHIL 224
George Williamson

Pthl 224 September 12 2012 1 House keeping: Discussion Board Assignment: − everyone should be able to get 10% − use material from the text post questions and comments − he will post in one form parts from the text, but he will also open a general form to see peoples opinions − post in both, the more important one will be the questions given − the discussion board will be the main part of the participation grade as it will be easiest for him to track − he will let us know in class when he posts a new one remember: to treat each other with mutual respect or it will not work out Kant on the 'Horror' of Sex 1. Sexual desire targets body parts, not persons.  arousal at the appearance of certain body parts, esp. those of sexual significance "inclination for the sex of the other"  sometimes to individual parts of their bodies 2. Body of the other person is a means to one's own pleasure.  person becomes a fungible, functional thing 3. Loss of person's own self-possession, control of one's body  uncontrollable arousal  involuntary movements of the body  yearning to master, dominate, and even consume the others body 4. Sexual arousal is coercive -- makes one prey to manipulation, exploitation, and dependence on the other person  pushes us around, our sense of values and what we would typically do  can override our rationality  desiring things
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