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PHIL 224
George Williamson

Phst 224 September 21 2012 1 Housekeeping: − essays topics will be given at the end of September, due in November − you must us exposition, find criticisms, and take a stance Objectification in Nesbaun's article through imagery − pornography Seven ways to treat a thing (page 256, and page 255 about Booth) Sobles Solution: 1. he uses exposition  explains how his solution explains kants problems without objectification  discusses thinkers views/theory argument ◦ application to the problem 2. critical  looks a problems the thinkers theory/argument to see how it fails Beware of a Phil author going in circles or back and forth − it means they're trying out ideas − ex: on Hompton's ideas of moral sex − humanity offering attitudes are required for sex − but sado-masochrist sex is non-affirming, but satisfying − maybe Hampton meant pleasure is one critision and humanity offering attitudes are antoher I don't have to aid the other for it to be sex. S&M Sex: often considered as please = pain − bud a masochist won;t want to be beaten in the street − it is about trust − it has been hypothesized that men have a l
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