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PHIL 224
George Williamson

Pthl 224 October 10 2012 1 Housekeeping: − he plans on giving us a couple of questions with a little bit of choice. − He plans on limiting the words, two essays about 1000 words each. − Choose what ever is the most appealing to you − write an essay about the topics, explaining the arguments and such − doesn't have to be very formal − references and bibliography is not necessary − the content is what is important − instructions will explain all this Principles of Consent: When is Consent Morally Transformative? Considerations: criminal consent-eliciting behaviour 1. Coercion requires two conditions: a) threat to make worse off ◦ in terms of your rights, you have some kind of right to ◦ Page 202 – 203 --> all the odd numbers have examples of coercion ▪ have sex or...  I wont return your car – you have the right to your car  I will give you two grades lower than you deserve – you have the right to the marks you earn  I won't repay you – you have the right to the money that is owed to you ◦ even numbers ▪ have sex or...  our relationship is over – you do not have the “right” to be in a relationship, two people agree upon the relationship  and I will give you grades higher than you deserve – you do not have a right to get grades above your performance b) reasonableness of succumbing to threat vs. suffering consequences ◦ depends upon how credible you can perceive the threat to be ◦ how sever the consequences are ◦ page 304. ▪ case five: have sexual relations with
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