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Lecture 19

PLSC 201 Lecture 19: PLSC 201 Durum

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Plant Science
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PLSC 201
Krista Wilde

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Durum Semolina Similar to our Germ and bran are removed Courser than our Pasta Dry Semolina of high quality lasagna and spaghetti Fresh Cut like noodles and not dried Adaptation and areas of production Wheat is the most widely adapted and widely cultivated crop in the world 75 of the wheat down in the world is winter wheat C3 crop Fall frost reduced quality if the kernel is immature 70 of Canadian wheat is hard red spring Seeding Seeding date doffers in different soil zones Deeper seeding may be considered if Sand soils that blow or dies up top soil is dry if seedbed is rough, uneven or loose Shallow seeding may be desirable if Seeds are small seeding into moist cool soil ** We want to maintain good soil fertility because if they have a deciency or disease in the soil the plants cant compete very well and wont produce a good yield. You can use fungicide to get rid of this Avoid unnecessary stress or else it very easy for your plant to get infected Common root rot, seedling blight Can effect all of the cereal crops Higher losses in barley and wheat Likes dry warm soil conditions and compacted soil that restrict root growth Over application of nitrogen in dry conditions also favour the disease Control Seed treatment Promote quick germination Crop rotation with non cereal
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