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Lecture 3

PLSC 201 Lecture 3: PLSC 201 Field peas

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Plant Science
PLSC 201
Krista Wilde

Field peas Wrinkled pea the seed coat is wrinkled when it looses moisture. We do not want this in dry peas We dont grow them here because they take a long growing season and they need lots of moisture. They are mostly hand picked Types of peas 2 major types: Rounded seeded used for food and feed Wrinkled seeded which are harvested immature and used for freezing and canning Peas may have a yellow or green cotyledon under a white or pale green seed coat Lower quality of both yellow and green are sold as feed Most of the Canadian peas are exported to Europe, Asia, and south america In SK used for livestock, small amount into pea bre Composition of peas 20 25 of protein Contains large amount of lysine Lysine the amino acids missing in the cereal crops Peas have trypsin inhibitors which prevent compete digestion and utilization but at lower levels than soybean This is why they are good for livestock feed Do semi leaess peas have leaves? The have leaves but there is no leaf tissue, they have turned into tendrils. The have stipules but no leaets The advantage of having semi leaess is that they will stand taller, the normal ones would fall over and lodge really bad the leaf varieties are more prone to disease Description and growth stage Annual 2 types Standard ( with normal leaves ) Semi leaess where the leaets are replaced by tendrils but the stipules are normal Compound pinnate Can have a single stem or branch profusely Tap rooted One to two owers per stalk If the ower has colour is in the seeds will have tannins in them ,making the seed a brown colour Flower parts occur in 5 or multiples of 5 5 sepals in the green calyx 10 anthers Self pollinating and fertilization occurs before the ower opens Pods develop immediately after fertilization Indeterminate ower habit Advantage: Poor conditions in early owering results in lower yield
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