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Provincial-Federal Relations

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University of Saskatchewan
Political Studies
POLS 205
Loleen Berdahl

POLS 205 2011-03-03 Provincial-Federal Relations - Why are intergovernmental relations necessary? o Intrastate federalism  Representation within the federal government  Senators representing a province  Members of Parliament represent provincial interests  If you have strong intrastate federalism, there is less need for interstate federalism o Interstate federalism  Representation to the federal government  Premiers  Provincial governments - Limits on intrastate federalism in Canada o Party discipline  Rep. by pop. in House  Federal appointments in the Senate  Lack of regional ministers since mid-20 century o interstate federalism  mechanisms are informal - Executive federalism o Known as the interaction of the executives o High-level meetings  First ministers conferences  Formal meetings with the prime minister and premiers, along with large supporting delegations o Summit federalism  Advantages  Public relations  Cons  Political positioning  Hard to reach consensus o Functional federalism  Pros  Expertise  Depth  Disadvantages  Work could be undermined by higher powers  Lack of whole of government coordination - Tone of interstate federalism POLS 205 2011-03-03 o Classical federalism  Tried to keep spheres separate  A lot of matters were handled via court cases  Tended
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