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Inter-provincialism in Canada

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Political Studies
POLS 205
Loleen Berdahl

POLS 205 2011-03-15 Inter-provincialism in Canada - New West Partnership o Created new trade region - Ontario-Quebec Trade and Cooperation Agreement o Agreement made between Charest and McGuinty in 2009 Today’s agenda - Why does interprovincialism occur? o What form does it take? - How has it been involving in recent years, and why? o How is it likely to evolve in the future? Why are provincial governments partnering without the feds? - Increased political strength Goal: increased political strength - Giving more power to provinces Goal: coordinated managements - Western veterinary medicine college at U of S was opened by four provincial governments Goal: address spillover issues - Gangs don’t care about provincial borders Terminology revisited - Summit federalism o Relations among first ministers - Functional federalism o Relations among ministers Functional interprovincial relations - Ministers’ meetings o National: e.g. Ministers of Municipal Affairs o Regional: e.g. Western Transportation Board What might limit the effectiveness of interprovincial relations? - Regional differences - Too many demands - Feds may intervene in provincial jurisdiction - Regionalism intervenes - No clear way of finishing a deal - Regional differences - Geography POLS 205 2011-03-15 Limitation: diverse interest
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