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Federalism and Aboriginal Governance

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Political Studies
POLS 205
Loleen Berdahl

POLS 205 2011-03-22 Federalism and Aboriginal Governance - Oka Crisis, 1990 o Crisis had to do with land in Quebec o Argument was about who owned land o Municipality claimed it belonged to them and wanted to build golf course o Began in July of 1990 and ended in September of 1990  Aboriginals came from Canada and U.S. to join boycott  Other blockades existed o The feds bought the land o 2,500 military troops and RCMP were put on notice Historical Exclusion from Federalism - Not represented at Charlottetown and Quebec conferences of 1864 - There is a long history of excluding Aboriginal peoples from federalism - In the Royal Proclamation of 1783, Aboriginal nations are recognized as distinct political entities o In 1864, Aboriginal representatives were not included. o From the start, Aboriginal representatives were not included. - Aboriginal peoples in their lands were listed as an object of federal jurisdiction White Paper on Indian Policy, 1969 - Trudeau government released ‘white paper.’ o Puts forward an idea that is eventually to be pursued o Called for complete Indian integration in Canadian society o Called for abolishment of Indian Act  Rejection of all land claims  Called for First Nations to be treated like any other minorities o Proposal to fully integrate First Nations into society was met with resistance  Really spurred movement of Aboriginal political movements  Did not feel they were treated well  Felt they had historical and constitutional place in Canadian society  Should have some special status?  Abandoning history and blending into Canadian society did not go over well  Number of groups formed to mobilize and articulate Aborgiinal interests  Groups included: o Native Council of Canada o Metis National Council Constitution Act, 1982 POLS 205 2011-03-22 - Called for constitutional recognition of Aboriginal
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