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Quebec Nationalism

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Political Studies
POLS 205
Loleen Berdahl

POLS 205 2011-03-24 Quebec Nationalism - How has Quebec nationalism evolved over time? - How has Quebec nationalism shaped politics? - Why is Quebec nationalism such a powerful force in Canadian politics? History Matters: Pre-Confederation - The assumption is that over time, the population would become English. - Led to federal system Louis Riel - Riel Rebellions o Led to Manitoba being recognized as a province o Protestants feel his death is justified o French language rights  Roman Catholics find him a saint - In 1980, Manitoba was no longer bilingual Conscription Crises - A few crises played into decentralizing Quebec - WWI o When Britain entered the war, Canada was automatically included. - WWII referendum o May have eroded Conservative support in Quebec - Mackenzie King o Had a strong representation from Quebec o Entered WWII as an independent country o 80% of English Canada voted yes o 73% of voters in Quebec voted no  Led to problem for King (Quebec Act of 1774)  Fuelled nationalism in Quebec  Felt they were powerless in national decision making o Pre-1960s summary  Conservatives became shut out - Quiet Revolution o Duplessis  Wanted to maintain Quebec’s political autonomy  Duplessis died in 1959  Quiet Revolution began in 1960 o Lesage  Expanded role of government into areas where church was active POLS 205 2011-03-24  Pressured feds for more money  Demanded larger power and resources from feds  Pearson responded o In 1970, the Parti Quebecois was formed by Rene Levesque  October Crisis occurred  FLQ decided to take their extreme
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