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Election Campaigns: Polling, Debates and the Media

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Political Studies
POLS 205
Loleen Berdahl

POLS 205 2011-02-01 Election Campaigns: Polling, Debates and the Media - Local versus National Considerations - Ignatieff is trying to get seats in Kitchener - One party must achieve 155 seats in order to get a majority government Do campaigns matter? - Do polls influence election outcomes? o Became important in the 1980s o Media became aware that polls were good stories o Sample sizes o A number of ways of interviewing o Structural biases o Online polls versus telephone polls  Online polls are typically dominated by younger folks  Telephone survey polls are typically dominated by older folks  Polling can affect the actual date of an election  Polls take a lot of the issues out of focus during campaigns  Party morale increases  No polls can be published on Election Day!  First publisher of a poll must publish things like margin of error, sponsor,
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