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Vote Choice in Canada

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University of Saskatchewan
Political Studies
POLS 205
Loleen Berdahl

2011-02-03 POLS 205 Vote Choice in Canada - Bill Clinton’s phrase was well known as “It’s the economy, stupid!” o Focus was heavy on the economy - Why do Canadians vote the way they do? - Voters: o They are going to be “rational” and self-interested o Based choice on personal utility - Aggregate data o Collected at the constituency level by Elections Canada o Electoral return data o Limitations  Ecological fallacy  Attitudinal variables exist o Canadian election studies  Occur during and immediately after elections  Sampling issues and limitations  Response rates  Sample sizes and subpopulations  Validity of responses  Example: voter turnout - Social determinants of vote choices in Canada o Education? o Income o Business? o Age o Welfare recipients/beneficiaries? o Families o Homeless people usually won’t vote o Ethnicity! o Place of residence? - Region in vote choice o West, Quebec o Urban-rural 
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