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Political Engagement in Canada

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University of Saskatchewan
Political Studies
POLS 205
Loleen Berdahl

POLS 205 2011-01-13 Political Engagement in Canada Voter turnout - Percent of registered voters that actually voted - 59% of registered voters came out to vote in 2008 - There is a global trend towards lower turnout Age is a strong correlate for voting - Generational change is a factor o People don’t usually vote at age of 18 – that’s part of a age factor o This won’t change o Younger generations don’t believe they have a civic duty to vote Other socio-demographic correlates of voting - Religion o Religious people are more likely to vote - Education o The more educated they are, the more likely they are to vote - Marital status o Married people are more likely to vote than single people, who apparently have no reason to live. - Gender o Men and women do not differ in their voter turnout Why do non-voters choose not to vote? - Some people were not voting for personal reasons Political Dropouts and Political Protesters - Mi
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