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19th Century John Stuart Mill

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University of Saskatchewan
Political Studies
POLS 237
Neil Hibbert

POLS 237 20110228 th19 Century John Stuart MillSon of English philosopher James Mill o Close associate of Bentham founder of modern totalitarianismHomeschooledEarly education is something of a legend o Very dramatic matter for MillMill suffers a breakdown o Poetry leads him out of his dark years o The only way to achieve happiness is to do things for their own sakeHappiness is a byproductArrested for distributing pamphlets on birth control to middle classHad hostility to Anglicanism and religious authorityEdited prominent radical journal becoming minor celebrityIn middle age writes major work and cements position as celebrityGoes on to serve as MP for the Liberal party in Britain o Advocates freedom for Ireland o First MP to advocate extending right to vote to womenSeems to have only had one love interest name Harriet Taylor o For the first 21 years Harriet was married o Married immediately after her husband diedLasted six years until Harriet died
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