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University of Saskatchewan
Political Studies
POLS 251
David York

Poth 251 January 11 2013 1 Structure? Organization? In general what kind of variables does one consider when answer the about questions? − some degree of organization, to create tactics, to unify, to sustain Structural Factors − these are factors that are relatively stable over time and outside the control of movement actors. − What examples can you give that would fit as “structural” − classroom – roles within classroom − the state in society – there is some form of stability − focus on this example − ex: civil rights movement, lead to structural changes – laws and public policy − social movements exist in some sort of an vessel, so social movements face limitations on what they can and cannot do − norms, attitudes, values, laws, legislation Non-Structural Factors − these include strategy and agency, which have to do with active choices and efforts of movements as actors as well as their opponents and other players in the conflict − agency − what happens at
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