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Political Studies
POLS 251
David York

Poth 251 January 7 2012 1 Social Movement: a collective, organized, sustained, and non-institutional, challenge to authorities, power holders, or cultural beliefs and practices. (Goodwin and Jasper, 4, 2009)  Think about what you would do if you were a social movement entrepreneur.... what would you need to do.  In some places social movements are said to call on institutions  The initial spark must come from outside the government  Look towards who has power, towards the change in attitudes and values  Target is some component to the status quo Social movements as 'Contentious' for Charles Tilly, social movements are but one form of 'contentious politics' − 'Contentious' in the sense that social movements involve collective making of claims that, if realized, would conflict with someone else's interests, political in the sense that governments of one sort or another figure somehow in the claim making, whether as claimants, objects of claims, allies of the objects, or monitors of the contention.” - Tilly and Wood, 3 (2009) quoted in Staggenborg, 5 (2012) Sidne Tarrow  Social Movements are 'collective challenges' based on common purposes and social solidarity, in sustained interaction with elites, opponents, and authorities Contentious Politics 'School' − The contentious politics definition of social movement, as a sustained challenge to elites or other opponents by shifting coalitions of collective
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