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University of Saskatchewan
Political Studies
POLS 251
David York

Pols 251 February 6 2013 1 Resources Mobilization Theory − access to elites − contrast to the 60s --> came in early 70s Criticisms of Resources Mobilization theory  Can RMT provide explanations for all types of social movements?  One criticism suggests that RMT deals well with movements of affluence but neglects movements of crisis. E.g. the larger claim is made that RMT is profoundly based on the experience of American social movements with an emphasis on resources, organizations, and political alliances.  Framework emphasizes resources  1960s gang busters  American social movements --> is it universal? ◦ Content specific to USA?  Moving to Canada – may not be relevant ◦ fits the USA political system ◦ not necessarily cross comparison  resources: capital, social networking .... ext ◦ access to capital is a great leveler? Where does the larger impact of democratic expectations and entrepreneurial approaches of the US polity factor in … and thus RMT becomes less applicable in an international context?  Does a certain political culture need to be in place?  Product of the environment where individuals understand their s
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