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University of Saskatchewan
Political Studies
POLS 251
David York

Pols 251 March 18 2013 1 Framing  Framing “...tries to create resonance across social, cultural, and political distance, to forge a connection with others in the public space” (Olesen, 23).  “Framing, to be more precise, is an attempt by a collective to present a given interpretation of reality to an audience and to convince that audience of the accuracy and legitimacy of that interpretation. The ultimate aim is to generate support, material and moral, for the framer's claims and, through that, to increase his chances of achieving his aim” (Olesen, 23)  a reference point  structural reality  the construct has to have accuracy  moral resources --> you have been moved  support/resources Global Framing  symbols ◦ leads you to make shortcuts ◦ not unlike a frame Moral shocks: − how you can begin to create a universal frame Humour  universal; human ca all access and understand  leads to common response among people ◦ laughter, mile, giggle ◦ contagious  Requires an emotional readiness and an openess as well as condenses meaning.  “...the condensation of meaning through the use of symbols is a way of making framing and communication more efficient” (Olesen, 25)  “The efficient symbol, then, is one that draws on universal or almost universal experience and values. In the words of framing theorists, efficient communication must have cultural resonance” (Olesen, 25)  “Humour as a
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