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University of Saskatchewan
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POLS 303
Joe Garcea

Constitutional Struggles (Continued?) November-20-12 11:33 AM 1995 Referendum in Quebec?  Leads to significant turmoil in Quebec?  Federal changes? o 1993 federal election. o Rise of the BQ.  In Quebec, the PQ under Jacques Parizeau defeats the Liberal government in 1994.  Early polls suggested that sovereignty was supported by 40%.  Opposition saw the government shift strategies to questions of 'sovereignty association.'  Bouchard became a central figure in the campaign and is appointed by Parizeau to be Quebec's chief negotiator.  Original federal plan is to stay on the sidelines.  Leading to the referendum, the PQ prepared draft legislation on sovereignty.  The referendum was originally scheduled for the spring of 1995, but was delayed until October 30, 1995. o "Yes" support surged in the days leading up to the vote. o Chretien, having stayed out of the debate, hastily made two promises in the event of Quebec remaining in Canada:  Quebec is a distinct society.  Quebec would receive a veto on any future amendment changing Quebec's powers.  By a slim majority, Quebecers voted 50.6% (No) to 49.4% (Yes): Quebec remains a part of Canada.  Few, if any, want to open the Constitution again.  Federal government passes legislation in the House of Commons: o Regional Veto Act, 1996  Ontario, Quebec and BC (majority Atlantic and majority Prairies)
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