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University of Saskatchewan
Political Studies
POLS 303
Joe Garcea

September 20, 2012 September-23-12 9:47 PM There are seven distinct areas meant to explain the persistence of regionalism in Canada: 1. The (class) nature of Saskatchewan. 2. The impact of staple commodities (natural resources) and provincial ownership. 3. External influences (U.S.). 4. Uneven development. 5. Agrarian (Western) protest – Western alienation. 6. Quebec national (class base?) 7. Federal, as opposed to a unitary, state. Constitution and Political Power - Constitution Act, 1867: The Basic Machinery of Government o Powers of the Crown o The Crown and the PM o The Crown and the Legislature  Executive and Legislative Power - Federalism and Judicial Power o Federalism and the Division of Powers o POGG o The Courts and Judicial Power - The Crown o S. 10 o the BNA Act: carrying on the government of the Queen.  Role of Queen is largely symbolic. o The Role of the Queen is purely ceremonial and symbolic. o Governor General stands in place of the Queen.  He/she can be appointed for about 5 years, and can be extended.  In the event of premature removal from office, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court acts as the administrator until a new Governor General is appointed. - Powers of the Crown: o Statute - Impressive List: Are those powers exhaustive? o Why?  Responsible Government.  Courts hold that statutes replace prerogative powers.  Majority of powers
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