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University of Saskatchewan
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POLS 303
Joe Garcea

Constitution and Confederation September-16-12 1:29 PM Important Constitution Characteristics: - Canada is a federal state. - Constitutional monarchy. - Political power and rights. - Constitutional amendments. Constitutional Characteristics: the Road to the Confederation - Representative government. o Aboriginal governance and the British Crown. - Responsible government o 1840 Act of Union o 1867 BNA Act Why a written Constitution? - Limit the power of legislative (law-making) authority. - Constitution Act 1867 (BNA) - Constitution Act 1982 (Charter) - What was the role of the courts before the Charter? o TODAY, courts make decisions based on “exciting” things like abortion, etc. - Conventions. o There are no laws on democracy. - Canada is a constitutional monarchy. o Head of State remains Queen. o Canada has a Governor General. - USA is a republican government. o Head of state is the president. - Responsible government. o Removes most power from the Governor General. o Transfers it to Parliament. - Prior to 1982, rights and the Constitution were very much abstract and not written down. - In the face of government, Parliament is supreme. Political power is concentrated. - Power is concentrated in the hands of the executive in Ca
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