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Political Studies
POLS 303
Joe Garcea

Constitutional Values September-16-12 1:28 PM Nationalizing Federalism - It’s based on territory based identity. - Author cite three historical moments of nationalizing federalism. o Original view of Confederation. o English-Canadian Social Democrats, 1930-1960s. o Trudeau’s Liberal View, 1970s-1980s. - Federalism was apparently one of the causes of conflicts. - Apparently, we borrowed the idea of federalism from the United States. - Why would the founders of Canada choose a federal model based on what was happening on something else? o We have a federal government where a federation should exist with very weak provinces. - When we look at the Confederation deal, we have to understand some details of the Constitution as well. o MacDonald thought that feds should be strong while provinces should be weak. - First National Policy: o British Columbia entered Confederation because of a railway. o To indigenous domestic manufacturers, it was important to ban/decline/restrict imports. - Imperial component o Federal powe
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