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American Exceptionalism

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Political Studies
POLS 368
Martin Gaal

American Exceptional-ism (Jan. 15, 2013) January-15-13 11:30 AM Potentially-mentioned names/term(s): - Stanley Hoffmann - Alexis de Tocqueville - Morgenthau - Roosevelt - Henry Cabot Lodge - Alfred Thayer Mahan - Bill Maher - Ernst May - Stoessinger - Cecil Crabb, Jr. - Newt Gingrich - Axiomatic - Reagan - Mearsheimer Stanley Hoffmann - Wrote "Gulliver's Troubles." ○ Book was about the United States as a superpower not being able to impose its power. - Argues that no ideology exists in the United States. ○ Reasoning (three reasons):  He says there is no set of beliefs that are institutionalized (ex. Marxism, etc.).  There is no witch-hunt to single out non-believers or enemies of the state.  Even U.S. principals are not consistently upheld. ○ Hoffmann may be wrong (Ron Wheeler's arguments):  Speeches in Congress are usually over the top?  Judeo Christian religions often take up the ideological views of most American politicians.  It is difficult for an atheist to run for office… it'll be very hard to get elected if one does not believe
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