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Liberal Internationalism

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Political Studies
POLS 368
Martin Gaal

January 22, 2013 January-22-13 11:30 AM - Liberal internationalism ○ Woodrow Wilson believed that if all countries were republics, there wouldn't be wars anymore (referring to work titled 'Perpetual Peace'). ○ During World War I, a lot of people were displaced while those in the Turkish Empire were liberated.  At the end of the war, we had a real mess in terms of territorial disputes. ○ Wilson's plan  Wilson's plan was to ask people which empire they'd like to be a part of… or whether they'd like to be an independent state.  In other cases, he thought people shouldn't be shuttled around like property.  There were some who weren't ready or self-rule… but the imperials shouldn't treat people like property, but should prepare them for ultimate self-rule and property. ○ The U.S. thoroughly vilified Germany throughout WWI. ○ A century of imperialism would occur. ○ Some criticized Wilson for not being more demanding at the Paris Peace Conference at the end of the war. ○ Liberals of Wilson's type argues that the domestic structure of states, such as their values, identity and cultures are at stake. They are important for war, etc.  Wilson was not unique in this.  There was a long strain on American policy. ○ …One of things we've discovered is the nature of propaganda… sometimes, the action of the enemy is do despicable that people are prepared to pay those prices.  The longer the war goes on and the more lives that are lost, the money that it costs… there will be less enthusiasm for Americans to fight. □ This happened in Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, etc… it always happens. ○ Democracies tend to be the most interventionist states.  This means that if you define "war" in certain ways, they are the most "war"-like. ○ Liberal internationalists have a lot of faith like Woodrow Wilson did in international organizations such as the United Nations and NATO.  Like all liberals, liberal internationalists are not trusting of sovereign nations or sovereign organizations. ○ I ○ mmanuel Kant  Let the people decide instead of dictators, like Pinochet. ○ Jimmy Carter  Cut off foreign aid to countries whose human rights records he didn't like.  Other presidents had done so too..  Cut off funding to Brazil and relations soured. ○ Liberal internationalists  They're usually Democrats while most Republicans are realists… or at least it' assumed that they are. - Realism ○ Realists like Hobbes advocate anarchy.  They emphasize the fact that there is no world government.  Beca
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