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University of Saskatchewan
Political Studies
POLS 368
Martin Gaal

January 31, 2013 January-31-13 11:32 AM Mao did not like Stalin. - The Cold War was considered to be irreversible once China asked for the Soviet Union's help. Americanssupported Syngman Rhee when Kim il-Song was in power in North Korea. In 1950,North Korea attacked South Korea. • South Korea may well have attacked the North, had things gone on for a few more months. • Since documents have been released, we now know that the North attacked the South, and reasons for reports coming is because someattacks were repelled. • All efforts to re-unify Korea failed. • Armies were eventually driven to the North, but not before the Chinese got involved. • The Chinese sent volunteers into China to prevent the South Koreans (with UN backing) from pushing all the way to the border with China. • There was never any declared war or fighting. • The reason this became a turning point is because of how the United State viewed it. ○ They thought that if they didn't make a stand here, Communistforces could expand. ○ The U.S. governmentcame to a conclusion that a strong stand would have to be made. ○ Everything possible had to be done to make sure that the North Koreans wouldn't take over the South. General Douglas MacArthur - Distinguished himself in World War II and believed that the incident was just a first shot at World War III. ○ Communistswere attacking other countries with supplies and help planning from the Soviet Union. ○ MacArthur wanted to take the battle to Beijing and Moscow. ○ Many thought that MacArthur would eventually becomethe Republican presidential candidate. McCarthyism - Named after senator from Wisconsin (Joseph MacArthur). ○ Was always staunch anti-Communist. - Unless really strong action was used to prevent Communistsfrom succeeding, they would. ○ Communistshad infiltrated U.S. governmentas well. - Sometimes,McCarthy would ask somebodyafter they pledged to tell the truth to also pledge that they did not believe in the violent overthrowof the U.S. government. - Thousands of Americans were accused of being Communists,and they became the subject of investigations by the FBI. Reagan - Had been a Democratsupporting Franklin Roosevelt. - After World War II, he was still a Democratand rose to become the head of the Actors Guild in Hollywood/4 - Was ambitious and respected. - Reagan eventually became Republican ○ He assisted McCarthy in his FBI investigations. Witch-hunts - A lot of people were fed up with McCarthy's shenanigans. - In 1954,McCarthy was censured by the U.S. Senate, ending any witch-hunts. ○ He died in 1956,reportedly as a "broken man." ○ He was a demagogue. It wasn't hard to show that he was abusing powers. ○ It wasn't hard to show that he was abusing powers. Containment in the '50s - Where containmentwas lai
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