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February 5, 2013

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Political Studies
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POLS 368
Martin Gaal

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February 5, 2013 February-05-13 11:35 AM Soviets may have been thought to be friendlier.. - That was true, but they weren't getting weaker? - Whether the Soviets were ahead or not (we know they weren't), it certainly wasn't the case that the U.S. was seeing weakness. - Soviets were actively supporting "revolutionaries" in Vietnam. - China was watching closely! ○ Imperialism could simply destroy socialism. ○ Telling revolutionaries to seek a peaceful path to socialism is completely stupid. ○ Mao said imperialists aren't going to lay their butcher knives down and become Buddhists. - Yugoslavia was attacked. ○ It was alleged that Yugoslavia was supporting China? ○ In response, the Soviets attacked China's closest 'friend,' Albania. - The U.S. did not see a split in the Communist movement. ○ They probably would have had a better outcome if they knew the Chinese and Soviets were bickering. ○ The Cuban Missile Crisis was another reason the U.S. may not have trusted Soviets. Cuban Missile Crisis - Took place in October 1962 and was the closest the world got to nuclear war. - Took place against the backdrop of growing tensions between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. - The presidential election in 1960 had a greater emphasis on foreign policy. ○ Cuba had been an area of concern ever since Castro overthrew the Batista dictatorship. - Batista was backed by the U.S., because he was a Communist. ○ Castro would overthrow Batista, and the U.S. believed he was pro-Soviet.  As it turns out, he was kind of a hero in Hollywood.  He was known as a liberator of his people,
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