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Nixon and Ford Administrations

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Political Studies
POLS 368
Martin Gaal

Nixon and Ford Administrations March-05-13 11:33 AM By the time Ford took over from the Nixon administration, he tried to get more money from Congress for the Vietnam War. - Cambodia fell to Communist forces. - Saigon was renamed Ho Chi Minh City. - In the strongest country on the planet, they were kicked in the teeth by peasants in Asia? Jimmy Carter - Took office in January 1975. - Was a different kind of politician with a different ideology. - Had no desire to poison relations with USSR or China. ○ He was more willing to criticize them on their internal policies. ○ Détente  Focused more on foreign policy and the goal was to try to persuade the Soviets towards better international behaviour. - Carter's Human Rights Doctrine ○ It does matter how governments are chosen and disposed of. ○ Liberals aren't the only ones who believes these kind of things… they emphasize them. ○ When Carter came in and began talking about human rights and the internal affairs of states and how governments are chosen, this was different.  It wasn`t that his predecessors didn`t care about it… they just didn`t emphasize it.  He began in office with an attack on the Soviets` human rights record, which would poison the relations to some extent.  It wasn't all by his choice and it wasn't all by American policies. ○ While the Americans were licking their wounds after having been kicked around in Asia, the Soviet Union went on the offensive in Africa (Ethiopia, etc.).  They supported guerrilla movements there. - Reagan ○ Almost taken Republican nomination away from Gerald Ford, an incumbent president. ○ He lost narrowly to Ford in the Republican presidential race. - In 1969, the Shah of Iran left his country, never to return, and Shiites took over positions of power and deposed the entire apparatus of the Shah of Iran. ○ They took over and eliminated Savak. ○ The Shah had been one of t
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