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Bush administration and foreign policy - March 21, 2013

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Political Studies
POLS 368
Martin Gaal

March 21, 2013 March-21-13 11:36 AM Bush administration - Under the rubric of Gulliver's Troubles, the Bush administration wanted to promote democracy and human rights in countries in which they were waging war. - Unfortunately, for the Bush administration, things weren't simple. ○ It's a bit surprising how simple how they appeared to have thought it would be. - From the moment Bush said "mission accomplished," things in Iraq got worse. Hindu Kush - Part of a long terrain of mountains that are close to the hype of Mount Everest. - It was safer to pay off the Pakistan than to deal with al-Qaeda. Election in Afghanistan - Later elections following Karzai's appointment were rigged? - For the inauguration of Karzai, you could not get in or out. - Karzai would continually grow weary of American troops and would ask NATO to leave altogether. Taliban - Largely relied on fear to get things done. ○ Would attack people to keep them quiet, similar to Vietcong. Clinton - Actually reached an agreement with North Korea in order to supply with energy. In response, North Korea didn't deliver. ○ It eventually withdrew from the nuclear proliferation agency. - Various attempts were made by the following Bush administration to impose sanctions on North Korea… but none of it actually worked. ○ In the last year that the Bush administration was in office, which is 2008, North Koreans launched a substantial military test of nuclear technology and said that it was scraping all military and political deals with South and said that it was scraping all military and political deals with South Korea. Iran - Under Bush, he maintained that Iran will never be able to secure nuclear weapons. ○ If it did, it could
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