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Obama's EngagementInteraction Strategy

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University of Saskatchewan
Political Studies
POLS 368
Martin Gaal

Obama's Engagement/Interaction Strategy April-02-13 11:29 AM Obama's engagement/interaction strategy - Bush's methods of interaction made it difficult for Obama administration to engage. - In the case of Russia: ○ Russia had strongly opposed the expansion of NATO, as well as the missile shield that was to be put in Europe to protect European countries and others. - Obama somehow hoped to end decades of hostility with Iran. ○ He said from the start that he had some doubts on whether or not it'd be possible to end that long of a period when it comes to hostilities. ○ Obama proposed that:  Iran could send its nuclear materials to another country for processing, and it would be provided with nuclear materials that would not be weapons-grade. □ Russia volunteered to do that.  There were grounds for turning it down on the part of Iran: □ Iran has held up the sign of national sovereignty.  They've always maintained that they won't be pushed around. ○ Obama made lots of overtures, but they did not amount to any change in foreign policy.  It's difficult to know if the UN or Iran itself is telling the truth in terms of actual weapons.  The CIA released a report that said there wasn’t immediate evidence that Iran had weapons.  The evidence held by Western states is strong, but not conclusive.  The U.S. always maintained that it was prepared to have face-to-face talks if Iran took some steps to halt its nuclear program, but there was no sense talking to Iran if it remains on the course that it has moving along…  Can Iran hurt Israel? □ Nobody knows… ○ Another instance where U.S. strategy that worked well is in Myanmar (formerly Burma)…  Hillary Clinton visited Myanmar, which was a big event, considering the stature of her position. □ Human rights activist were locked up in prisons, as well as some Buddhist monks. □ She rewarded the country for taking steps towards democracy.  She was greeted warmly and more political prisoners were released.  Somewhere along the way, it was
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