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Tea Party and Obama Administration Overview

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Political Studies
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POLS 368
Martin Gaal

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Tea Party and Obama Administration: Overview April-09-13 11:36 AM Tea Party - Born in 2009 as a reaction to the bailouts from the Obama administration's efforts to curb economic decline. ○ Called upon by a CNBC reporter named Rick Santelli. ○ Generally opposed to large amounts of government spending and heavy taxation. ○ Many members signed a pledge that they wouldn't vote for a tax increase on any condition. ○ For the Tea Party, some kind of a past utopia is now being lost because of excessive government spending and increasing debt.  The Tea Party isn't a coherent group… probably because there's a lot of them. ○ Ron Paul says that wars require big government and big spending, as well as taxation.  As such, he was opposed to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq while people like Bachmann and Palin were in favour of it. ○ Its role diminished a bit in the last presidential election… and probably because Obama won four more years.  However, it's still a huge influence in the Republican Party. □ John Boehner's views are a testament to this. Obama - He's been praised and reviled depending on one's perspective. ○ Some have said he's an academic and doesn't know about politics… he's just a vision guy and would rather hold seminars. ○ There's a lot of people who aren't Tea Party supporters who would oppose Obama's ide
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